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Concrete Fustion Candles set with Tray

Hand crafted and hand-poured candles to enhance your ambiance and uplift your mood through our curated fragrances. Made in the United Arab Emirates, our candles are specially formulated with all-natural coconut soy wax to provide a non-toxic and clean burn. Placing the candles in any room will add a layer of dissipated fragrance.

Set of concrete fusion pillar candles
Could include a concrete tray as displayed in the pictures
Eco Soy-Coconut blended wax
Single wicked
~20 hours of total burn time
Volume of candle wax : 250gm
Total weight of the set: ~800gm to 1200gm

Black Amber & Lavender - Mysterious, warm and sultry, this fragrance will take you on a walk in lilac fields where the winds carry wisps of floral aroma. Exotic amber and elegant French Lavender create the heart of this rich and comforting fragrance. Blended with a sultry base of myrrh, vanilla and clary sage, a perfect balance between a deep musk and gentle floral.