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Our Story

Kulture House is a journey.
That might be our favourite way of describing it. A journey through lands that you may or may not have been to, cultures you have yet to engage with and food that will transport you to places you wish you go to.

With Kulture House, the idea was to create an experience that can be enjoyed right here in Jumeirah. A melting pot of lifestyles, cultures, traditions and people. A reflection of everything that is the Emirates.Co-owner Sheikha Jawahir Bint Butti Al Maktoum and her partner stumbled upon our dilapidated, diamond in the rough on Jumeriah Beach Road in 2017. This historic villa from the 80s showcased immense potential and became their sole focus, to acquire and transform it into the Kulture House it is today.

The idea was to create a space that excited our guests when they walked through that blue, Indian-inspired archway and take them on a voyage of discovery. More importantly, give them the solace of having a home away from home.

With her personal touch invading every space of the villa, Sheikha Jawar, an interior designer herself, has shared her passion and love for travel at every single glance. Souvenirs and decor items from foreign trips adorn archways and shelves all around.

Furniture has been carefully curated to bring our space to life, fusing in just the right dose of industrial minimalism. Our pieces engage the local creative community and are reminiscent of the various cultures that make the place what it is. Yellow doors of Moroccan inspiration, floor and ceiling mosaics sourced from Lisbon and Capri and handpicked materials characteristic of the African tribes and Tibetan monks are just a few examples of our global eclectic collection

While most days it is a coffee shop, retail store and part-time art gallery, the rest of the days it can be a furniture store, a flower shop, a photo gallery, an art studio, a furniture pop-up and so much more

A quick trip to our hearth and you’ll know exactly what we mean.